I can’t remember a time when I didn’t make things. My early attempts to ‘redesign’ Fuzzy Felts were deemed to be destructive rather than creative! Undeterred, I learnt to knit, sew and paint. Stories of traditional crafts handed down the generations from far-flung corners of the world intrigued me and I wanted to try them all.

I love the colourful warmth of Folk Art and Decorative Painting, blended with the softness of Shabby Chic and French Vintage. (I begged my parents to buy me a canal boat to paint, but sadly they declined!)

I am inspired to bring together a Fusion of Folk Art, Vintage and Shabby styles, using a variety of craft skills, mostly involving Paint, Fabric and Yarn! I upcycle small unloved items, adding hand painted decorative details, and I add embroidery to cushions, pictures and soft furnishings, bringing you a range of gifts and home accessories.

These days I live on the Cornish Coast, where everyday life is dependent on the weather, things happen ‘Dreckly’ and the jam comes before the cream! I have a vintage caravan called ‘Moose’ in the garden where friends can gather to crochet or paint, and a tiny caravan called ‘Winnie’ that I take to craft fairs up and down the coast.

I hope you will share my passion for all things unique and original, and find something special which really is, ‘The Bees Knees – the best of Everything.’